Automatically Convert Long Videos into Engaging Shorts using AI

Turn your business calls, meetings, lectures and more
into short clips to increase engagement and retention

Demo of creating shorts from lecture in Mica

"Post-call, it was always a game of telephone for my champion to get key points across to their teams. With Mica, I upload our session, and within minutes, I have concise clips of critical moments for them to share with all stakeholders.

It's like giving every decision-maker a front-row seat to the original conversation, streamlining their decision process and keeping the momentum alive"


CEO, Rimble

How Mica Works


Upload your Call

Start by uploading your video. No prep needed; just the raw footage


AI Analysis

Our AI goes through the video, automatically identifying key topics discussed. You can also specify topics you are interested in and Mica will find the relevant segments


Receive and Share Clips

Get short, focused clips that cover the key points discussed in your call that are ready to be watched and shared


Users retain


more content from short videos
compared to text

Short videos are


more likely to be watched
than long videos

Consumers report


of purchase decisions are
swayed by product videos

Multichannel Marketing Platforms

Customer Success

Enhance customer engagement and upsell opportunities with tailored feature update videos.

Learning and Development

Equip your internal teams with bite-sized training videos on new products and features.

Screenshot of Mica page
Multichannel Marketing Platforms


Turn lectures and seminars into short educational clips for students